The all-new Source 2

Introducing the all-new Source 2

Built from the ground up, the brand new EV charging station from Volt Time packs a range of high-end components and improvements to deliver the most advanced charging solution in a familiar package.

Advanced future-proof technology

Easy installation

Socket or tethered options

Smart by design, dynamic through integrations

Find out more about our newest release, its features and specifications.

A Charging Solution for Everywhere

Regardless of your situation, there is a Volt Time for everywhere! Discover more below.

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Source for Home

Powerful EV charging solutions for your driveway to get you back onto the road in no time. Enjoy the benefits of Smart Charging, Solar Charging and Dynamic Load Balancing.


Source for Business

With an integrated 4G LTE-M modem, certified MID kWh meter, Power Sharing capabilities and full modular OCPP integrations, Volt Time will deliver the perfect EV charging station for every business location.

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Source for HOA

Dynamic safety functionality built in, with invoicing and reimbursement options through a certified MID kWh meter and full OCPP functionality. With Source you are fully prepared for integrations of the future.

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Volt Time App

Unlock numerous features and configure your settings right from your Android or iOS smartphone with the new Volt Time App.

Change your charging mode, check your charging speed, view and download transaction history, add new charge cards, lock & unlock charger and configure authorisation settings. With the new Volt Time App you are in control!

Volt Time Cloud

An EV Charger is only as smart as the backoffice systems it is connected to. This is why we have developed Volt Time Cloud. A future-proof platform that functions as an OCPP Proxy to connect your charger to one or more backoffice systems of choice. Through Volt Time Cloud, your charger can communicate with any version of OCPP as well as MQTT and Matter.

Volt Time Cloud provides full freedom of choice and allows the user to transition between any system whenever they like.

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Smart, Smarter, Smartest

But simple, too. With Volt Time, you are prepared for the future and travel worry-free and cost-effectively, with any electric car.



Install with ease

The easiest installation process through dedicated plug-and-play connection ports and accompanying Installer App.



Solar Charging

Delivering solar power back to the grid will cost you money. Whenever you want, Source 2 will charge on surplus only so you save every penny.



Load Balancing

As soon as more power is available, for instance because your dishwasher turns off, Source 2 will dynamically charge faster! This way, you will use every last bit of available power to charge your EV as fast as possible.



Maximum speed

Fast charging up to 22.17kW at home. Most cars are fully charged within two hours!

Easy Installation

The installation process for the new Source 2 is effortless. From the configuring of charging stations through the Installer App to the easy plug-and-play connection, installing has never been easier. Source 2 is ready to be mounted straight out of the box!

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Whether you would like to discover more about our Source charger, or require technical troubleshooting, don't hesitate to reach out!

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