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Great fit for your business requirements, regardless of your situation.

Whether you have an entire fleet of delivery vehicles, want to offer charging solutions for staff lease vehicles, or even for semi-public parking terrains, Volt Time will offer a custom solution for your charging needs.

Who is the Source Business for?

Suitable for a wide range of situations by design. Discover some of the options below.

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(Logistic) Fleet Owners

Your fleet of logistic transport vehicles will need a fast way to charge, to get them back on their way. These vehicles need to cover great distances, and need to be out on the road again in no time. To make sure that your business is running smoothly and efficiently, you will need charging solutions to match your requirements. Source offers fast charging capabilities up to 22kW, with load balancing to ensure safety and efficiency when charging multiple vehicles.


Office Buildings

More and more of your employees will be making the transition to electric driving. To ensure smooth commuting to and from the office, Volt Time has the charger to fit your needs.

With SIM capabilities built in, your charger network can easily be managed and monitored. Through RFID enabled technology, you can easily track your employees' charging sessions. And with a MID certified kWh meter, you can easily set up automatic billing and invoicing.


Lease Fleet Owners

Manage your whole fleet of electric lease vehicles with full invoicing and reimbursement possibilities through OCPP compatible backoffice systems.



Designed for all kinds of business usecases, the Volt Time Source is a charger with great freedom of technology. Install your fleet of charging stations free of simlock and enjoy compatibilty for wide range of backoffice systems for usage logging and invoicing.


With available options such as double mounting poles and Power Sharing between an unlimited amount of chargers, Source is highly modular in terms of CSMS (Charge station management system) and expandable for your parking situation. Through these technologies, many chargers can be linked together.

MID Certified

Our Source 2 Business Upgrade features an European-approved MID kWh meter as standard. Which enables automatic invoicing and/or reimbursement  that will send usage figures directly to for example CPOs or (Lease) companies.

Get started with Source for Business

1. Prognosis

Define your employees' needs; how many electric vehicles are there currently, and what is the future prospect?

Our retail/installation partner will work together with you on your requirements to ensure a future-proof plan.

2. Location

The next step is to make a future-proof layout and placement decision for your parking facilities. Define a structured plan in terms of (fire)safety, the required power capacity, and installing costs together with our  Service Partners.

3. Cost Breakdown

Decide on invoicing and cost/benefit calculation and strategy.

Costs of the kWh charged can be invoiced directly to the company,  through smart MID certified meters.

4. Installation

We work together with only the best service and installation partners. Together with these partners, the installation will be realized.

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