Change the way you charge

Customise your charging process right from your smartphone

Optimise your Source charging station

With the Volt Time mobile app, you are in control of your charging settings and transactions, even remotely. Powered by the Volt Time Cloud, the mobile application joins a suite of apps that allows users to view and configure charging settings, view usage data and logs, perform firmware updates, adjust preferred charging modes, and more.


Configure your charging modes on the fly. Charge as cost efficient as possible, as fast as possible, or somewhere in between. Your charger can do it all!

Charging Modes


Charge with maximum power! Boost mode will use Dynamic Load Balancing to pull the maximum amount of power available from your building at any given time. This means that the charger will measure usage in your building and intelligently optimise charging speeds. If for example you switch on your oven, the charger will lower its charging speed to prevent overloading the fuses.

Smart Solar

Through Smart Solar, the charger will balance the power between available solar power, and power from the grid. If the available solar power is less than 4.2kW (or 1.4kW on single phase), the rest will be pulled from the grid. This way, the charger will use as much solar power as possible, without compromising charging speeds.

Solar Only

100% Solar Charging. Charge your car exclusively with available solar power. Depending on the weather, solar power is generated and used by household items. The remainder is put back into the grid. With Solar Only, all available excess power that is generated will be used to charge your EV (as long as there is a minimum of 4.2kW or 1.4kW available). This is the most economical charging method.


You are in control! Change your charger authorisation settings remotely.


Change settings right from the app to manage who has access to the charger. Even remotely you can enable or disable access and authorisation settings:


  • Lock the charger


  • Enable and whitelisting of charging cards


  • Change Plug & Charge settings

Transfer your charger to the Volt Time App


How to Activate

In order to activate your charger within the app, some extra configuration may be necessary, for example if you are already connected to a backoffice system or if you have an older charger (before June '23).

But don't worry, your charger can also be added to the Volt Time App. Simply follow the steps in one of the following links and we'll get you started.

No Backoffice

For chargers not currently connected to a backoffice, follow the steps to configure your charger for the Volt Time App: Transfer Local



For chargers connected to a backoffice system (such as Last Mile Solutions or E-Flux), please fill in the following form: Transfer Proxy

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