Volt Time Cloud

Free, powerful OCPP platform that gives you the freedom to make any EV charger smarter, with effortless integration and powerful connections.

Make any OCPP charger smarter with Volt Time Cloud today, completely free!

Configure any OCPP charger, build charging networks and streamline your operations. Discover how you can benefit from the power of Volt Time Cloud.

Configure Chargers

Free Chargepoint Management

Enjoy full control over all of your OCPP chargers, for free.

Volt Time Cloud comes with a variety of charge point management tools to streamline your operations and add value to the chargers you manage.

(Pre-)configure chargers

Manage locations

Enable all forms of Smart Charging

Remain in control with the Volt Time Proxy

Free Rest API integration

Future-proof your chargers by ensuring compatibility with tomorrow's energy management algorithms.

Powerful OCPP Proxy

Backoffices come with their own lock-ins and limitations, and switching from platform can be a difficult task. This is why we developed Volt Time Cloud.

With the Cloud's Proxy service, you can connect your chargers to multiple systems at the same time with just a few clicks. Remotely connect maintenance, billing, or energy management systems easily without being locked in due to SIM cards or websockets.

Your chargers connect to the Proxy over OCPP, which the Proxy translates to any OCPP version or even other IoT protocols such as MQTT.

Cloud proxy infogr new
Volt Time API

Volt Time Cloud Rest API

The easy-to-use API integration enables our users and partners to connect and build upon the Cloud platform to enable endless expansions. For instance, integration with our Volt Time Cloud will enable a range of connections such as smart home integrations, energy management systems, payment solutions, apps and more. Through our hardware-agnostic OCPP-powered Cloud you can easily build connections with multiple charging stations to work in collaboration to maximise efficiency. Using our REST API, integrations using almost any programming language are made possible, with an array of different data formats.

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Your charging foundation

The free Volt Time Cloud platform is an advanced Electric Vehicle Proxy functioning as a gateway between industry-leading EV Charging protocols. Whether you are a chargepoint operator, end-user, retailer, or property manager, Volt Time Cloud is the foundation to support your network of chargers.


It allows every charger to be lifted into the cloud and opens up the possibilities of migrating to another CSMS instantly, or even combining multiple.


This creates a non-standardized management system, and facilitates a whole suite of applications to manage and optimize charging stations.

Get started

With our OCPP Proxy, you can enjoy full flexibility and freedom of choice of any backoffice system, even after the charger has been installed. It opens up the communication between all OCPP protocols and external integrations, and provides the option to enable communication between multiple chargers and backend systems. Through hardware agnosticism, the proxy can be used with any OCPP charger.


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All of our service levels include

In-house development

We have a team of talented engineers and developers building the most advanced software and hardware solutions right from our headquarters in the Netherlands.

Hands-on Technical Support

Our support team is always available for you in case of any technical support question or problems, through e-mail or telephone. Our team of in-house experts ensure a personalised solution.

Technical Expertise

With years of experience in development and engineering, we know the ins and outs of what we do. We know our products and components like the back of our hand.

Certified and Approved Technology

All of our components and solutions have been tested and certified accordingly to ensure safety and quality.

Effortless Integration

Our solutions are built from the ground up to connect effortlessly with third-party hardware and software. Designed for smooth integration with the hands-on service to complement your project.

Premium components and solutions

At Volt Time we don't believe in cutting corners. We exclusively use the best components and guarantee the best results and compatibility with your hardware.

How to get started?

Navigate to the Volt Time Cloud and create an account. If you've created an account in the Volt Time (Installer) App before, you can use the same login details.

Connect Charger(s)

After you've created your account, you can start adding your first charger. Simply follow the on-screen instructions!

Configure Settings

You're now ready to use the Volt Time Cloud! Configure charging stations, create sites, create teams, and more!

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