Easy Installation

The installation of a Volt Time Source 2 could not be easier. Find out how we made this possible!

Easier done than said

Save valuable time and money

Installation and maintenance are two important factors often overlooked by chargepoint manufacturers. Hours and hours of wasted time due to long installations or having to drive back because of a problem.

At Volt Time, we've designed the Source 2 charger aimed at the solution. You simply attach the charger to the wall, plug in the power and communication cables, set-up the charger in under 1 minute through the Installer App, and you're good to go!


The Installation

Plug and play

Installation is made effortless with the all-new Source 2. With easily accessible plugs for communication and power, the charger is practically plug-and-play.

Everything in the charger is pre-assembled, which means the charger doesn't need to be opened for installation. The Source 2 is ready to be mounted straight out of the box. This means you can even prepare installations beforehand, by preparing wiring before the charger arrives at its destination.  The Installation Ready Kit, available seperately, will provide you with everything to prepare an installation.

You'll find that the installation of a Volt Time Source will be smoother and faster than ever before, saving you time and money!

Installer App

Setup made easy

Configure new charging stations tailored to the customer's or location's requirements with the easy-to-use Installer App. This allows you to get the charger up and running in no time. With the addition of a Quick Manual and step-by-step instructions, the process is made effortless and easy. Simply connect to the charger and follow the configuration steps over the cloud. This can even be done remotely!


Find more information in the product sheet for the Volt Time Source 2

Our solutions include

Plug & Play Installation

Source 2 never needs to be opened for installation. Power and communication connections are fitted with plugs externally.

Easy Installation App

Quick, easy and fool-proof installation with our Installer App. Configure chargers automatically, copy exisiting chargers or set up a charger in 5 easy steps manually.

Free Backoffice

The moment you install a charger through the app, the charger gets added to your Volt Time Cloud account. From here, you can manage, mass-configure and assign chargers at the click of a button.

Pre-Configure chargers

Through the Backoffice, you can set up a charger or group of chargers even before installation. The retailer can also do this. With the Charger Identify button in the Installer App, mixups are prevented and you can be sure that the Autoconfig is done succesfully!

Telephone Support

Have any questions or facing issues during installation? Just give us a call. We can help you remotely so you can finish the job in no time!

Free Training

At Volt Time we don't believe in cutting corners. You can sign up for free training at our headquarters or remotely and we prepare you and your team for perfect installation, each and every time!

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Installer App

Download the Installer App for smooth and effortless installation.


Volt Time Balancing Module

Effortless Load & Solar Balancing

Through the use of CT clamps, you can measure the amount of current flowing through a supply cable to and from the grid. This allows EV chargers to calculate available power and use the maximum amount based on realtime data.

With our CT-module, connecting CT clamps to a charger during installation is a breeze. Simply connect the CT clamps and plug them into the CT Module. Through a standard RJ12 cable, the CT Module is then connected straight into the charger.

Volt Time Cloud

Powerful management

Connect your Source charger to the world's smartest backoffice systems with Volt Time Cloud.

A future-proof platform that functions as an OCPP Proxy to connect your charger to one or more backoffice systems of choice. Through OCPP, your charger can communicate with any version of OCPP as well as MQTT and Matter.

Volt Time Cloud provides full freedom of choice and allows the user to transition between systems whenever they like.

Discover Volt Time Cloud

Media Kit

An overview of manuals and quick guides for Volt Time Source and accessories.

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