Configure your Source 2

  • Base model

    • Includes:

      Smart Charging | 22kW | Ethernet | Free Mobile App | Free Cloud Backoffice connection

  • Color

    • RAL9003  0.00

    • RAL7011  79.00

  • Charging cable

    • 6.5 meter

      6.5 meter  59.00

    • Socket

      Socket  0.00

  • Mount

    • Pole mount

      Pole mount  199.00

    • Wall mount

      Wall mount  0.00

  • Extra

    • Cable holder

      Cable holder  48.00

    • Load & Solar Balancing Module

      Load & Solar Balancing Module  99.00

    • Connector Shield

      Connector Shield  48.00

    • Business Upgrade

      Business Upgrade  431.00

Total Price  899.00
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Source 2 Configurator

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Discover Source 2


With Source 2, you get the complete EV charging solution. Equipped with advanced technology to ensure fast and efficient charging, with smart balancing through the mobile Volt Time app. There's a Volt Time Source 2 for every situation!

The perfect charger designed for your home. Discover more about the Source 2 charger with Load & Solar Balancing functionality to ensure quick and efficient charging.

Discover Source 2 for Home

Sophisticated charging technology suited for the office. With the Business upgrade, your charger will come equipped with wireless communication and an MID-certified meter for automatic invoicing.

Discover Source 2 for Business

Unlock smart charging and many more features on your Source charging station through the easy-to-use mobile app. Change settings or select charging mode for fast, efficient, or even solar charging!

Discover the Volt Time App

What's new with Source 2

Discover some of the new and existing features and components

Install with ease

Installing Source 2 couldn't be easier. Through external plug-and-play ports for communication and power, the charger can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Works with any car

Compatible with any electric vehicle by intelligently adapting to your car's capacity. This makes sure your car is charged as fast as possible.

Volt Time Module

Easy installation through the Volt Time Load and Solar Balancing Module. The Module connects effortlessly to the CT Clamps to ensure foolproof installation.


With an integrated socket, Source 2 provides access for everyone by enabling drivers to use their own charging cable. Ideal for semi-public parking solutions.

Dynamic Power Management

Enable Load Balancing and Solar balancing to charge as fast or as cost efficient as possible, without overloading the grid. (Available through the Volt Time Module)

Volt Time Cloud

Your full service connection to any backoffice system. Designed to provide full Freedom of Choice to the end user, Volt Time Cloud connects your charger to the smartest energy management systems and billing/invoicing services effortlessly.

Integrated Cable

With a tethered cable, Source 2 is perfectly suitable for your home or driveway.

Volt Time App

Configure and control the charger's Load Balancing and Solar Balancing settings, view charging speeds and view transaction details right from the Volt Time App.

Business Upgrade

Enjoy a premium package including wireless connectivity through a free SIM card, Unlimited Power Sharing between chargers and an MID certified KWh meter. The Business Upgrade has it all.

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