Local Dynamic Load balancing between any OCPP socket

Save thousands on installation

Connect will balance any model OCPP charger with any other, as well as with the site's power availability. Never replace old chargers again.

Effortlessly expand old locations with new, different chargers.

Enable solar balancing for businesses with <100 chargers.

Load balance between site and sockets.

Site Load & Solar Balancing

Connect is fitted with CT clamp and RS485 interfaces with which it will read the site's consumption (or excess) of power. It determines a maximum total charger output accordingly.

Balance Sockets

The maximum total output is distributed amongst the EVSE sockets that are currently in use. This is done locally using Smart Charging Profiles, which enables balancing between any OCPP charger, regardless of brand or type. This works even when internet connection is lost.

Pass along OCPP messages

Connect acts as a transparent intermediary, and will relay OCPP messages between the connected chargers and the backoffice without any interference.

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