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We create EVSE for anyone.

What we do

We assess your needs and create working prototypes.

We assist in design work, certification and production set-up.

We deliver state-of-the-art components and provide excellent technical support.

How we do it

It all starts with the EVSE controllers - the brain of the charger.

Communication Board

This PCBA contains the connectivity modules and interfaces to secure a stable connection and acts as the interfacing module for the end-user.


studios Comms Board and Power Board.611

Power Board

This board switches power to the whole charging system and provides the communication with the EV. Connect two of these to one Communication Board to create a double socket charger.


studios Comms Board and Power Board.612


Together, the Power Board and Communication Board form an unbeatable team. Bring your charger to the next level.


IOT Ready

  • Fully OCPP1.6J-2.1 compliant
  • 2G, 4G LTE-M, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet
  • Remote updates Over The Air
  • Micro SIM slot



Source Balancing

Using external CT clamps or a Modbus meter, your charger will be enabled for full load balancing technology.

  • Dynamic Load Balancing: Use all available power
  • Dynamic Source Balancing: Use all excess power from solar, wind or water.

Using the "Volt Time | Connect" load balancing module, you can enable an unlimited amount of chargers to load balance with one another.




Multiple end-products using these controllers have passed compliance testing at several Notified Bodies for the relevant directives such as LVD, EMC, WEEE, RED and RoHS.


Form exactly what you need

As long as it's AC, we can do it. Plenty of interfaces are included:

  • MID Ready: RS485 Modbus kWh-meter interface
  • RS232 RFID interface
  • RGB status LED port & white illumination LED port
  • Light sensor port



Built to last

Stability and servicability are top priority.

  • Connectivity redundancy: switch between GSM/WiFi/Ethernet flawlessly in case either fails.
  • On-board temperature sensor and external sensor interface
  • Accelerometer
  • Broken earth detector
  • Save & send transactions after offline reboots



Beyond hardware

If the technical specifications haven't convinced you yet, consider our services. We are a manufacturer with years of experience with this exact same product. We stand out by sharing this experience with you during your journey from A-Z.

This is the power of working with a supplier who exactly understands your needs as a manufacturer.

studios volteleq.581

Prototyping phase

Just share your existing housing, or let us create a new one. We'll deliver a fully working prototype to your doorstep within a few working days. In a hurry? No problem. We'll drive over to your location to assist. We are confident in that we can create everything you need on the spot.

Planning phase

We know exactly how to conduct the assembly, FAT and configuration. Again, because we do that every day using these controllers.

Let us assist your purchasing and production planning. We can share the blueprints of our own charger, or even share the production facility we have to take care of production completely.


Operational phase

Need a hand? No problem. We can help optimize your delivery, installation and maintenance flows using the experience we've got. In fact, we can take care of everything from A to Z including warehousing, production, delivery and even installation and servicing.

This is possible because of the network we've already laid out for our own EVSE and for our existing customers.


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