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Advanced charging stations fit for home and for the office. Equipped with high-end components, Volt Time Source is an intelligent charger capable of dynamic charging profiles. Discover our premium charging experience on our brand-new Source 2!



Cloud Solutions

Powered by Volt Time Cloud, our OCPP Proxy solution, we have a range of software solutions to empower your Source charging station. With the Volt Time App, you can configure and adjust your charging settings on the fly, and change authorisation settings. Our Installer App, specifically designed for Installers of Source 2, is equipped with the tools to make the installation process effortless.

Introducing the all-new Source 2

Built from the ground up, the brand new charging station from Volt Time packs a range of high-end components and improvements to deliver the most advanced charging solutions in a familiar package.

Advanced future-proof technology

Easy installation

Socket or tethered options

Smart by design, dynamic through integrations

Find out more about our newest release, its features and specifications.

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