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Our Solutions

Volt Time offers a range of software solutions that make our Cloud Platform uniquely powerful. In addition, we offer hardware solutions for OEMs to elevate your innovation. Learn more about these components, and discover how they could help your charging station.

All of our service levels include

In-house development

We have a team of talented engineers and developers building the most advanced software and hardware solutions right from our headquarters in The Netherlands.

Hands-on Technical Support

Our support team is always available for you in case of any technical support question or problems, through e-mail or telephone. Our team of in-house experts ensure a personalized solution.

Technical Expertise

With years of experience in development and engineering, we know the ins and outs of what we do. We know our products and components like the back of our hand.

Certified and Approved Technology

All of our components and solutions have been tested and certified accordingly to ensure safety and quality.

Effortless Integration

Our solutions are built from the ground up to connect effortlessly with third-party hardware and software. Designed for smooth integration with the hands-on service to complement your project.

Premium components and solutions

At Volt Time we don't believe in cutting corners. We exclusively use the best components and guarantee the best results and compatibility with your hardware.

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Powerful OCPP Proxy

Volt Time Cloud

The Volt Time Cloud is an advanced Electric Vehicle Proxy, functioning as a gateway between industry-leading EV Charging protocols. It opens up the communication between OCPP standards and chargepoints, allowing for full freedom of choice between backoffice management systems.


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Truly unlock Smart Charging and control through the Volt Time app!

Volt Time Cloud also connects chargepoints to the Volt Time App. This App gives owners of a Volt Time Source all the power over the charger settings, charge modes and status, making charging even more effortless and convenient.

Whether you would like to charge as fast as possible, as cost efficient as possible, or a balance of the two, Volt Time App gives you the option to change the settings on the fly.

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Installer App

With full integration on the backend of the chargers, the Volt Time Installer app provides the tools for effortless setup and maintenance of the chargers remotely and on location. From a detailed installation guide to changing network settings, the app will guide the installer or retailer through the entire installation and configuration process to get the charger up and running and connected to a backoffice system of choice.

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VT Connect

EVSE Load Balancing Controller

The Connect will balance any model OCPP charger with any other and with the site’s power availability. The Connect effortlessly relays messages between the CSMS and the connected chargepoints, acting mostly as a transparent intermediary.


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