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Solar Charging

Solar Charging

Solar power, a green and sustainable way to power your life. And many people have made the transition to solar panels on the roof of their house already! If you also drive electric, you can use the solar power generated to power your home and your commute.

Besides the environmental benefits, there are very attractive financial benefits to driving on solar power. After the investment of the solar panels, you don't pay for generated solar power, which means charging your car is virtually free! And with the newly introduced cost of returned excess solar power, you can save even more by charging on one of the Solar Modes. Find out how much you can save! 


You're in full control of your charging settings and transactions, with the mobile Volt Time App. Even remotely! Switch effortless between charging modes, which allows full smart charging functionality including Load Balancing and Solar Charging. 


Save with Solar

With Solar Charging, you can benefit from not only a green and sustainable form of driving, but you can also save thousands!

Up to

Cost Savings per month

Estimated savings based on the saved cost of returned excess electricity to the energy supplier. 

Up to

Cost Savings per year

Estimated savings based on the saved cost of returned excess electricity to the energy supplier.

Up to

Total annual savings

Savings on the cost of returned excess electricity on top of savings of solar power compared to grid power.

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All about Solar Charging

Boost Mode

Charge your car with full grid power. Ensure quick and easy charging with Dynamic Load Balancing functionality, which enables charging as fast as possible without overloading your building.

Smart Solar

Smart balancing of solar power and grid power, in case there is not enough excess solar power available. Utillize the sustainability of solar power, without compromising charging speeds.

Solar Only

Charging exclusively on solar power, the most cost efficient and green way of charging possible. Using smart Solar Balancing, your charger will use all excess solar power available to charge your car. (minimum of 1.4kW for single phase or 4.2kW for three phase required by your car).

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