Charge worry-free and save money with solar power at home

Charging your car with solar energy. Using nature’s own green resources to get from point A to point B and saving money in the process. It sounds simple! But how does it actually work? And how can you take full advantage of Solar Charging?

More and more people are making the transition to solar power, and for good reason! It’s a green form of electricity that is free to generate and use! And with attractive financial benefits and subsidies put into place, the transition to green energy is a no-brainer. In combination with solar panels, we see many people simultaneously making the switch to greener driving.

Why Solar Power?

The sustainability benefit of solar power goes without saying. But another (financial) benefit to solar panels is the compensation for returned solar power. Delivering excess solar power back to the grid has long been a great selling point for solar panels. Simply put, if you generate more solar power than you use up, you can deliver electricity back to the grid for a small compensation. However, as more and more people buy into solar panels, the returned solar power increases, creating a surplus.

As a result, energy market prices decrease in price, sometimes even below zero. This means that it can cost money for electricity suppliers to compensate customers when there is already enough electricity available. In fact, the compensation for delivering solar power back into the grid has already been lowered significantly by some suppliers, and might even cost you money in the future. But there are still ways to intelligently utilise solar power to charge your car so you can save every penny. 

Dynamic Solar Balancing

Through smart charging functionalities, you can enable charging stations to intelligently control how much electricity flows to and from your building for full efficiency control. This can be done through Load Balancing, where your charger will measure the power used by household appliances and use the remainder of available power, or through Solar Balancing, where it uses the maximum amount of solar energy for your car, and takes the rest from the grid. Or you can set your charger to only allow solar power for full cost efficiency. 

The Future of Power

This of course allows you to regulate your electricity usage and manage excess power, but this is of course only the first step. New developments we see in the vehicle charging industry include home batteries that store excess power, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology and Live Energy Pricing. These tools allow you to intelligently utilise power, so that you use electricity most efficiently.

Our goal is to make transitioning to a better, more sustainable world accessible to anyone. Here in the Netherlands the adoption rate of solar power has more than doubled in the last three years, making it the leading country in Europe in terms of solar panel adoption. With the right equiment, anyone can take advantage of full solar charging functionality, whilst preparing for future developments.

Solar Charging and Dynamic Balancing is of course all possible with your Volt Time Source charger. Supported by the Volt Time App and Volt Time Cloud, you are fully in control of how you charge your car. Through the Volt Time App, you can switch between charging modes on the fly. Whether you wish to charge exclusively on Solar Power for maximum cost efficiency or wish to charge as fast as possible through Load Balancing, it’s all possible. This way, you can charge your car efficiently, quickly and sustainably.

And with Volt Time Cloud, you can form effortless integrations with the world’s smartest backoffice systems to realise efficiency implementations as they become more available.
To find out more about how you can benefit from Source 2 with Solar Charging, check out our website.

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